10 Roofing Styles: Which is the Best for You

Since roofs generally protect human beings against all types of weather, aside from adding architectural interest to buildings it covers, there are factors to consider when choosing which roof is best depending on your actual need.  This article talks about the different roof types and their function.

  1. Flat – A flat roof is the easiest kind to build but doesn’t drain well. This type takes the least amount of roofing materials but needs to be carefully waterproofed.
  2. roof typesShed (Skillion) – This consists of a single plane where one side is slanted.
  3. Gable (pitched) – This type has two sides that slope down from a central bridge.
  4. Hipped – Ideal for places with warm climates and with a frequent rainstorm.
  5. Pyramid – Similar to the hipped variety and the only difference will be the shop.
  6. Mansard – They are also known for the variation on the hipped roof theme. Should you wish to maximize the space in your house, choosing the mansard type is the best fit.
  7. Gambrel – This roof type resembles the mansard.
  8. Bonnet – This is a pyramid roof modified to offer more shades.
  9. Curved or Arched – With this, the author is providing samples of your curved and arched.
  10. Domed – This is a roof type that can cause a doomed roof due to the price of the rooms.