16 June 2017 / Residential Roofing

3-Little Words Homeowners Love to Hear… and Why

homeownersLaura Firszt has yet again provided us with examples of 3 little words/phrases that we’d love to hear when faced with different challenges of maintenance, repairs and renovations within your house.

Fixed the leak!

Although this may seem to be a little issue within the house, not being able to attend to this immediately may cause a huge impact; time, energy and financially-speaking.  Therefore, should you be faced with leaks, ensure that this is fixed as soon as possible.

Here’s your rebate.

In some cases, there are state government agencies or local utility companies who offer rebates “free money” when people from their community upgrades to environmentally friendly appliances.  This may seem expensive at times but the energy saving you get from these upgrades are definitely worth it.

What lovely décor!

Having guests that appreciate your uniqueness in creating your style based on how you like it is like heaven to the ears.  Placing distinct designs such as your kid’s artworks, your own creative pieces or simply choosing the frames and drawings to hang in your living room and being well praised feels really good.

The handyman can.

There is nothing bad with hiring a professional to do the job especially when you’re already overwhelmed with everything you need to juggle within your home.  In addition, delegating some of these tasks will give you more time to do the important things.

We’re on schedule.

For home renovations, it is important to plan ahead with your contractor and ensure that each milestone has a set timeline.  This is to make sure that everything is kept track and nothing happens outside the agreed schedule.

For sale? Sold.

This phrase is always nice to hear when selling something very important.  If this is your home – one way to get this done is to make sure your houses are well maintained and profitable.