14 December 2019 / Residential Roofing , Roofing Tips

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your House Roof

This article by Evane Go provides you, the homeowners, with some ways of extending your roofing. Wear and tear of your house roof is inevitable, but prolonging its life is possible through regular checks and maintenance.

For a better understanding of how to extend your house roof life, please see the suggestions below:

1. Repair Leaks or Damages Right Away

While most of the homeowners think that they can save by letting go of small leaks, they are severely mistaken. Leaks and damages should not be disregarded as it may lead to more significant problems in the future, which will cause higher repair costs.

2. Prevention of Mildew, Moss and Mold Growth

Regular maintenance can prevent the growth of mildew, moss, and mold. Once you can determine that such are growing in your roof, you need to call a roofing professional to have this removed immediately to avoid causing more problems in the future.

3. Keep the Gutters and Roof Free from Debris

house roofDebris can also be removed from your roof through regular maintenance and check-ups. Once seen in your roof, this has to be removed. To avoid having to deal with removing fallen leaves or branches, ensure that there are no trees near your roof that can cause this, as much as possible.

4. Search for Signs of Insect or Animal Damage

During your regular maintenance, including checking up your roof for possible animal activity as these small animals, mice, raccoons, and the like, can cause different problems and damages with your roof.

5. Check around Skylights, Utilities, and Chimneys

Same with the other tips, skylights, utilities, and chimneys should be part of your regular checks to ensure that everything is working correctly and that there are no issues.