3 January 2019 / Residential Roofing

8 Home Improvement Projects to Cut Costs

This article aims to suggest some home improvement projects that you can do to increase the value of your property and at the same time improve your household costs by either cutting home service costs or decrease utility bills.

Home Improvement1. Rethink Landscaping – If you already have a lawn, most probably you are one of those who are spending an average of $347 per year on lawn and gardening products. Ensure that you contact an irrigation expert to see if improvements and efficiencies can be made to lessen the yearly spend that you have.

2. Increase Home Safety and Security – By installing a home security system, you can save on your insurance premiums. Some improvements that you may consider are installing storm shutters, heavy duty gutters or updating your carbon monoxide and fire alarms.

3. Improve Insulation – Improving insulation can help you decrease the cost of your cooling or heating systems and ensure that you keep the cool air from escaping your houses during spring and summer.

4. Smart Heating and Cooling – As mentioned in the article, smart thermostats have an auto scheduling feature that allows users to decrease the heating or cooling of their home while they’re asleep or away.

5. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances – If you upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, you are sure to cut down expenses with your water and electricity bills. It may cost more initially but the long term savings is always worth it.

6. Update Plumbing Fixtures – Should you upgrade your plumbing to low-flow fixtures, that can help you save with your water costs, you will also qualify for a rebate if you purchase an EOA-approved WaterSense fixture.

7. Perform Routine Maintenance and Inspections – This is always the best way to save – ensure that you, as a responsible homeowner, do your due diligence in regularly checking your home to avoid bigger problems and costs in the future.

8. Incorporate Renewable Energy – Installing solar panels is one way to decrease electricity costs and it also helps in reducing environmental pollution.