How to Avoid Common Roofer Scams

Nowadays, scams are found in all businesses imaginable. The roofing business is not excused at all.  Scamming homeowners during re-roofing and placing new roofs is also happening everywhere. It hurts a lot knowing that you are losing several thousand while not getting the quality you spent for additional thousands of dollars to have things fixed.

This article by not only helps homeowners in spotting the ongoing roofer scams. It also helps out those legit roofers who are working honestly.

  • roofer scamsRoofing Scam #1: Inadequate Repair
    Since most of the repairs in a roof happen on the outside, the homeowner wouldn’t notice what’s wrong until a storm comes along.
  • Roofing Scam #2: Unnecessary Repairs
    It may be hard to spot for an average homeowner as you may see it as working on problems thoroughly.
  • Roofing Scam #3: Overcharging for Service
    This scam should be easy to spot.  How? Get estimates from several contractors/roofers to get the average cost.

Areas Prone to Roofer Scams

Scammers can happen anywhere, but roofing scammers love the densely populated areas and places where severe weather conditions occur.

Avoiding Roofer Scams

There are several ways to prevent roofing scams. One is to ask around, interview and speak to multiple contractors before hiring anyone. Another thing you can do is to ensure you do your due diligence. Maintaining your roof so are you perfectly aware of its current condition.  Home Advisor also offers services of helping you pick out a legit roofer who has undergone several screening tests for homeowner’s benefit.

If you need a second opinion on any roof related projects, call Shelby Roofing.  We will provide you a free inspection of giving you an estimate with all the steps needed to resolve your roofing issues.