11 November 2019 / Residential Roofing , Roofing Tips

Best Home Renovation to Prepare Before Selling

This article discusses the interview the author had with a realtor for the Jones Group in Amherst, MA, Sandy Wentworth.  The author wrote about his learnings on home renovation from the realtor, most notably when considering selling your house.  Learnings on where to invest, so the seller gets more from when the property is sold, such as not wanting to over-improve and always pushing for lighter curtains, as it always goes in your favor.

Curb Appeal

“Having a clean, well-landscaped yard or entrance to your home helps. “


“Having a newer roof is preferable if you are trying to sell your home.”

Kitchens and Baths

“Kitchens and Baths are what sell homes” – Do simple upgrades such as replacing worn-out counter-top, painting, or adding new hardware to the cabinetry.


As mentioned by the realtor, buyers are looking for houses with a basement nowadays, but you’d rather have this space empty so the buyer can imagine what they would like to put here.

Carpets and Flooring

If you have carpeting installed, buyers prefer Berber carpet in neutral shades. If you have vinyl installed, then consider putting in a tile or stone entryway.

Energy Conservation & Green Upgrades

Improving the heating or hot water system, having insulation put, or blown-in could pay off once you are selling your house.

Final tips

Based on the realtor, go for small home renovation upgrades as it can make a big difference. You may consult professionals to get more ideas and always have more than one bid! Good luck!