22 January 2019

5 Signs your House Needs New Roofing

Despite all the regular maintenance and cleaning, it will come to a point when your house will already need a new roof and the signs discussed in the article will make you more aware of when is the right time to re-roof. 1. Age As stated in this article, the average life expectancy of a […]

19 January 2019

Roofing Contractors and What Do They Do

As stated on this article, roofing contractors are workers who replace and repairs roof on commercial buildings and homes.  Some of them are hired by big construction companies while some are self employed. Even before a contractor can start getting clients, they need to get a business license as well as a certification process wherein […]

3 January 2019 / Residential Roofing

8 Home Improvement Projects to Cut Costs

This article aims to suggest some home improvement projects that you can do to increase the value of your property and at the same time improve your household costs by either cutting home service costs or decrease utility bills. 1. Rethink Landscaping – If you already have a lawn, most probably you are one of […]

30 June 2017 / Residential Roofing

Top 10 Roof Maintenance Tips

With the fall slowly creeping in, Laura Firszt of networx.com has summed up to-dos for the upcoming Fall Roofing Maintenance. 1. Take Care of your Furnace. Aside from changing your air filters every 1-3 months, you should also consider having a professional check your furnace regularly.  As your furnace is wintertime must, your professional should […]

22 June 2017

Avoid a Residential Roofing Disaster with These Warning Signs

Since the roof is considered as an essential part of your home, you, homeowners, need to ensure that this is well taken cared of and protected.  Now, this article highlights roofing warning signs that you should watch out for. The Roof’s Age In reality, a roof will only last after so many years and like […]

30 April 2017

Guide To Hiring A Birmingham Roofing professional

The typical life of a roofing is around fifteen years. If the roofing system is under fifteen years old yet you are having issues, it will likely have the ability to get fixed rather than needing to install a totally brand-new roofing. Nevertheless, if your roofing system surpasses this age it may be required to […]

23 January 2017

Your Friendly Neighborhood Roofing Tips

To make the perfect roofing choice, move beyond aesthetics to consider material cost, weight issues, and installation basics If you are deciding on a new roof,  durable asphalt, dependable wood, composite shingles, classy slate, solid concrete and stylish clay combine glamor with durability, but it is equally important to consider material weight, installation essentials and […]