1 April 2020

Regular Roof Cleaning and Why Is It Necessary

This article talks about regular roof cleaning and its importance.  Just like what it states in the article, roof cleaning doesn’t have to be done monthly or quarterly, once a year of cleaning and maintenance is enough to ensure you maintain the value of your home and roof. Removing Debris Some of the debris that […]

Flat Roofing

This article discusses flat roofs being beneficial in places with very little or without rain.  When the rain comes, these houses that are using flat roofs should have used suitable waterproof materials for their roof as the main problem will be water accumulation and possible leakage. As stated here, homeadvisor.com had listed down popular flat […]

8 March 2020

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Roof

Since your roof generally protects you and your family, you need to make sure that regular maintenance is generously done to avoid big problems.  As suggested in this article, you should be checking up on your roof during FALL and SPRING to ensure its readiness for the changes in weather.  Also, if there is recent […]

16 February 2020

Roofs: Difference Between Pressure and Power Wash

Most of you might have heard two effective ways of cleaning your roofs, such as “power-wash” and “pressure wash,” but have you asked yourselves what the difference between the two is?  Now, this article answers that question for you. PRESSURE WASH Pressure wash uses a steady but powerful stream of hot water.  If there is […]

29 January 2020

5 Most Common Roof Problems

This article talks about the different roofing problems that can be fixed by roofing contractors.  Although some roofing issue fixes can be done using the D.I.Y. style, it is still best to consult your roofing contractors to ensure you maximize the time and effort being given to your roof.  Taking into consideration that the primary […]

11 January 2020

7 Roof Maintenance Tips

This article aims to provide 7 Roof Maintenance Tips for homeowners to follow. Tips are listed below: Take time to clean out the gutters. If debris is always removed from your roof, you can prevent this from piling up and causing more problems such as shingles being damaged and even water leaks. Don’t allow leaves […]

1 January 2020

5 Tips to Choose the Right Roof Contractor

If you are looking for a roof contractor, you may want to check these tips listed by Shalini Madhav to get yourself a right contractor and differentiate them from the not-so-good ones. Below is the advice from the article: Get Local Referrals.  Before you get referrals from other places, it is always best to check […]

26 December 2019

Roofing Maintenance: Roof Over Your Head

It is known that the roof is an essential part of your home. Thus, utmost care should be given to it, knowing that its primary purpose is to protect you and your family. This article now aims to educate homeowners on how vital roofing maintenance is to your everyday lives. Measures to Keep the Roof […]