10 July 2019

Green Roofs – What, Why and When

Green roofs are known to have plenty of benefits that help both the homeowner and the environment; that is why this is becoming more popular in residential areas nowadays. This article in improvenet.com gives you more information on green roofs to understand if this is the right choice of roofing for you. What is a […]

4 July 2019

The Best Roof Materials for Your Home

It is true that choosing the best roof material for your home is a bit stressful as there a lot to choose from and several things you need to consider before picking the right roofing material for your home. Now, this article aims to help you, homeowners, on knowing the best roof material to use. […]

26 June 2019

Truth about D.I.Y. Roofing

Doing D.I.Y. roofing has dangers that an average person might not be aware of.  Roofers have years of experience and education to back them up when walking on roofs, unlike an average homeowner who doesn’t have that.  Years of experience has taught them how to walk and where to walk on the roof. Do-It-Yourself Roofing […]

20 June 2019

Roof Basics – Importance of Right Roofing

In building your home, one of the essentials is your roof.  Roof basics, understanding the importance of right roofing means a lot, and this is what homeadvisor.com has discussed with this article. Roofing Sheathing & Trusses Roof trusses are the big triangles that make the peak of your roof.  They are the support structure of […]

14 June 2019

Don’t Make These Common Roof Mistakes

Try your best not to make these roof mistakes. This article enlightens you on what to avoid when it comes to your roofing, knowing that your roof is an essential part of your house. Below is the list of roof mistakes you need to avoid: Don’t Wait Don’t wait to install EPDM as it is […]

21 May 2019

Some Reasons Why Curb Appeal Matters

Based on this article, it is true that curb appeal matters when you are selling the property since this is the attractiveness of the property that is for sale.  Now the question is, how this is important on properties that are not for sale yet or will not be for sale at all?  The article […]

5 May 2019

Most Common Home Roof Problems

Your home roof is considered as an essential part of your house, thus, utmost importance should be given by each homeowner towards his/her roof.  Unlike the other part of your home, the roof is most often than not disregarded since it is sort of out of sight and is just usually remembered during weather changes.  […]

8 April 2019

Tile Roofing

In the Southwest, tile roofing is part of the landscape as it gives that distinct look to the property.  Although this may seem expensive compared to other types of roofing, the longevity of the material (roughly 60-70 years) is worth it for the higher amount. Characteristics of Tile Roofing Tile roofing using the traditional clay […]