Gutter Leaf Guards: Defense is the Best Offense

If working on clogged gutters already seems like an overwhelming thing for you to do, check out the article created by as it may help you a lot in dealing with this chore.  No more weekends spent cleaning, climbing ladders and balancing from the edge of a roof to deal with gutters.

The Options

Gutter leaf guards come in 2 styles (1) screens and (2) surface tension models.  This article gives you a list of pros and cons for both options for your reference.

Gutter Screens – a barrier applied on top of your gutter to ensure debris doesn’t enter your gutters.

  • gutter Birmingham alCON – smaller debris can still fall through the holes and again clog up your gutter
  • PRO – clean up is less messy since the trash found on top of the screen will not decompose within the gutter itself.

Surface Tension models – same as the screen, this fits right over your pre-existing gutters but entirely enclose the opening, leaving a small slit between the guard and the gutter.

  • CON – there is always no such thing as a perfect leaf guard, smaller debris will still enter the gutter eventually and since this is an enclosed model, cleaning it may be a bit of a struggle.
  • PRO – effective at removing the debris with its high tech design.

But Is It Worth It?

Contact your roofer to check which option best suits you; the screen which costs lesser than surface tension model or vice versa.  You should also ask yourself several times if there is a need to install this and if the expenses will equate the benefits before deciding to invest.

Please call a roofing professional for any of your roofing needs.  Shelby Roofing is happy to come to your home and inspect any roofing related problems for you.