Have a Roof Leak, Who Do I Call?

The basic answer to this question is??? A roofer.  Any problem you encounter about your roof, like a roof leak. A roofer is the professional you may want to look for to get the help that you need.  Should you have a roof leak, you may need other professionals’ help along the way, but a roofer should be a given.

Roof Leak Birmingham ALNow that you know who to call, the next question is where to find a roofer?

There are several ways of doing this may it be looking up online, asking for a referral from neighbors and friends or merely checking the phone book.

Once you have found a name the roofer, next thing you should check is the BBB or Better Business Bureau.  This will then confirm and give you information if the roofer you picked up has previous complaints against him.

Next thing you need to know is if your municipality offers “Free Money” or incentives to those homeowners who choose to upgrade their houses to be more eco-friendly.  If this is the case, then it is your option if you want to have your roof fixed to how it was before or take a leap of faith and make a significant improvement or upgrade with your roof.

No matter who you choose to be your roofer, ensure that you do an extensive background check on the person – ensure there are no complaints from previous jobs, knows how to follow the rules and plans accordingly.