10 February 2020 / Residential Roofing , Roofing Tips

Keep the Home Roof Over Your Head in Good Shape

Since the roof of your home does the essential task of protecting you and your family, taking good care of your roof should be one of your top priorities.  With that, this article suggests simple tips you may want to consider.

HomeMaintain your roof.

As the article suggests, don’t allow dry leaves or snow to pile up in your home roof.  These should always be removed, and your gutters de-cluttered as these may cause roof leaks.  Trimming nearby trees since falling branches may severely damage your roof is another tip.  Expose your roof to sunlight to stop the growth of moss and mold and avoiding walking on your roof are other tips you need to remember.  This may cause damage to your actual roof and additional damage to you. You also want to avoid pressure washing as it may remove adhesives in your roof or loosen roofing tabs.  All in all, if something needs to be done in your respective roofs, you may call in a professional roof inspection for the job.

Ventilate the Attic.

Ventilate the attic as your roof is right above it.  The high temperature from not well-ventilated attic may cause harm to your roof rafters and asphalt shingles.

Watch out for Roofing Red flags

Loose, buckled missing shingles, peeling patches on your attic, dripping water, light shining through, and exposed roof beams or doors are some roofing red flags that you need to watch out for.  Should any of these red flags come into place, you know that it is time to attend to it immediately or call in a professional to do the job and avoid further damage.

Recognize when it’s Time to Replace

Just like any other material and equipment, even the roof happens to wear and tear, over time and you should know when it is time to say goodbye and replace rather than try and fix whatever is left.