30 January 2019 / Insulation , Roofing Tips

How Home Insulation Saves You Money

This article mainly provides the benefits, types, costs and guidelines to proper home insulation since home insulation keeps all the other parts of the house running smoothly and efficiently.

Why Insulate a Home?

Proper insulation is a must in your homes as this saves you from high energy costs.  During the hot or cold season, with proper insulation, either warm or cold air will not just escape your homes, thus, both your heating and cooling system will not be giving a huge effort in doing their job of keeping the air warm or cold.

Where to Insulate?

As a rule of thumb, always insulate any part of the home that is directly connected to the outside like your attic, roof, windows, ducts, doors, floors and ceilings.

Home Insulation Types

  • home insulationFiberglass Insulation – most common type of insulation as fiberglass is inexpensive and provides the best features such as resistance to water and fire damage.
  • Mineral Wool Insulation – similar structure with fiberglass insulation but more expensive and hard to find.
  • Cellulose Insulation – made from recycled paper but when moisture absorption occurs, becomes less effective.
  • Spray Foam Caution – a polyurethane product that involves mixing two chemicals that are applied with a hose.

Home Insulation Costs

Always remember to reach out to a professional to get the actual costs with home insulation and take note that even if this may cost high, the long term effect or savings is always worth it.  Quoting the article; the average costs to install home insulation is $1,289.00

Save Money on Home Insulation Installation

Although additional savings are present if you do a D.I.Y. project on installing home insulation, having a professional work on this also have its benefits such as efficiency and accuracy.

All in all, if you want to save money on your energy bills, choose and install the best home insulation available in the market today.