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Metal RoofsIf you’ve not considered a metal roof for your business or home, perhaps it is time to change your way of thinking. When you need a new roof, the metal roof has ample benefits that you can appreciate. Over the past decade, more people have realized the tremendous benefits offered by a metal roof on their home or business and have begun installing them on their structures.

Long ago, metal roofing options were limited, and many didn’t like them because they looked cheap, were noisy, and often not quite as durable as you’d hope for during a massive storm or strong winds. But time has changed things considerably, and now many homeowners and business owners alike are choosing metal roofing. It is one of the most durable roofing material choices available, with several types of metal available in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and budgets.

If you want to know more about a metal roof, Shelby Roofing in Birmingham is your trusted source of information, sales, and more. As one of Birmingham’s most trusted roofing companies, we vow to provide you with superior services, great choices, and some of the best prices in town. We service residential and commercial businesses with metal roofing options, and we can easily handle jobs small and large.

A Look at the Metal Roof

A metal roof is a roof constructed of metal pieces or tiles. Their use dates back many centuries, with the first use in the 3rd century B.C., when copper roofs were used on a temple in Sri Lanka. Later, Romans used metal roofing, and from this point, its popularity continued to increase.  It was in the 19th century when metal roofs began to popularize, and their use in Birmingham and surrounding areas imploded significantly.

Metal roofs today are available and made from a variety of materials. Galvanized steel is usually the metal of choice selected for a roof, although wrought-iron, silicone, blended zinc, and aluminum are additional types of materials used for a metal roof. Each roof type is coated with a special sealant that helps protect it against the many weather elements experienced in the city throughout the year, as well as rust and other damages.

Each type of metal roof has its advantages and disadvantages, but what remains the same about each is the durability, low cost, ease of installation, and an array of additional benefits the roof offers for your business or home. Metal roofs have long been popular in Birmingham, and there are many reasons for their continued and increased popularity.

Shelby Roofing is one of Birmingham’s most experienced metal roofing companies. We offer a variety of metal roof services, including sales, service, installation, maintenance, and repairs. We are metal roof experts, readily available to discuss this roofing type in-depth with you, whether you already proudly use this roofing type, or wonder if it is right for your needs. These days, Birmingham residents are using metal roofs on their homes and their businesses, and we’re ready to assist with either.

Types of Metal Roofs

There are several metal roofing systems to pick from. Together with our experts, you can choose the system perfect for your home or business and your budget. Each of the various metal roofing systems has something to offer, and we’ll help you discover firsthand just what that means to your specific needs. Comparing the different metal roofing systems ahead of the purchase is ideal, helping ensure that you purchase the perfect roof for your needs.

Since the term metal covers a broad range of materials, we’ll discuss each type of metal roofing and its pros and cons with you when you call. We customize our consultations to your specific needs, so getting what is best for your circumstances is simple. Some of the most common metal roofing materials used on Birmingham homes and businesses include:

  • Steel: Steel is one of the most popular metal roofing materials. It is preferred over aluminum because it is heavier and thus sturdier than the alternative, but it is also more expensive. Steel metal roofing is available with several finishes and coatings that protect it from various weather elements, including corrosion and rust. Most often, it is a zinc coating that is used before sealing. Steel metal roofs are most commonly used in commercial facilities.
  • Aluminum: The lightweight aluminum metal roofing is most commonly used in residential settings. It is rust-resistant and can be painted so that it has added appearance. Aluminum metal roofs use the same coatings as steel. It isn’t as rigid or durable as steel but is nonetheless an excellent choice for those who want metal roofing and who must maintain a budget.
  • Copper: The copper roof isn’t as commonly used as steel or aluminum, usually due to the price. It is costly, even when used for smaller spaces.
  • Alloy: Alloy roofing is another roofing type available. It is also costly, which is a common reason that it isn’t used as often as steel or aluminum. The actual price of alloy roofing varies depending on the roof that you select. It is known for its durability, enhanced strength, and weatherization.
  • Stainless Steel: Another one of the expensive roofing metal material options, stainless steel is often used for commercial businesses. It is rust and corrosion-resistant but slightly annoying as far as décor is concerned since it is offered in a matte-gray color without a great deal of variation available.

Call Shelby Roofing to discuss the various metal roofing systems available, and learn which is best suited for your needs. This is one of the most important calls you may ever make.

Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

There is an assortment of myths out there surrounding metal roofing, just like any other product. You’ve likely heard many of the different metal roofing stories and tales over the years, but now it is time to learn the truth so you aren’t missing out on the fantastic benefits of this roofing type any longer.  Many people are missing out on metal roofing benefits right now because of these myths, and you shouldn’t be one of those people any longer. Here are some of the most commonly spoken metal roofing myths out there and the truth behind the matter.

Is metal roofing dangerous? Since lightning strikes metal, many people feel that it is dangerous during a storm but, the truth is, metal is not dangerous, during a storm, or otherwise. It is a great roofing product that is safe and effective, regardless of the weather conditions that come along. The truth is that the roofing protects you should lightning strike your home or business, and since it isn’t flammable or combustible, severe weather is never a major concern for the roof or your home. This is one of the oldest myths in the book and one you shouldn’t believe.

Many people complain about metal roofing and the noise that it brings. And while this isn’t a total myth, what is untrue is that it is not as bad as many would like for it to sound. It isn’t the loud, clank, noisy material that you saw long ago, and many find the sound of rain beating against a metal roof more soothing than annoying. And so, if you hear this myth, you should immediately discard it as false, and learn firsthand how inaccurate it is.  With the right metal roofing material and solid sheathing and flashing, you can enjoy soothing sounds of rain, hail, etc. rather than be annoyed by it.

Metal roofing is rust-prone, according to some people. But, as you imagined, this is yet another lousy myth because metal is coated with a unique metallic that is made of zinc and zinc and aluminum that protects the roof, and prevents rust from becoming a problem. This also applies to other types of weather damage. A metal roof is more beneficial and protective for your home than many different roofing types!

How many of these metal roofing myths have you heard before? If you are like most homeowners, you’ve listened to at least a handful of these myths before, and they might’ve even left you with doubt in your mind about the purchase. Now that you know the truth, you shouldn’t delay the call to our Birmingham roofing company to talk to one of our professionals about your new metal roof or other metal roofing needs.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Birmingham is a city with four seasons, each with its weather elements that may affect your roof. When you choose a metal roof for your home or business, you’ll be happy with that decision for a long time to come. There’s an array of metal roofing benefits waiting for you to enjoy. Some of the benefits of metal roofing that you will experience when it is selected include:

  • Cost:  Shelby Roofing maintains some of Birmingham’s best metal roofing prices, but the cost of this roofing type is low on its own. Metal roofs are the perfect option for home and business owners who have budgets to maintain, as well as those looking to stretch their budget and get the best possible value.  Comparing the various metal roofing options is the easiest way to get the best cost on your metal roofing.
  • Commercial & Residential Use: Some types of roofs can be used on a residential home or a commercial business, but not both. You can add a metal roof to either a house or a business, or both if you so desire. This is just one of the many ways that metal roofing brings versatility into your life.
  • Versatility:  You’ll never have limited options when you choose a metal roof. There’s an array of colors, styles, and designs, made to accommodate all needs. Metal roofing helps you create the perfect look for your structure, no matter what that entails for you. Shelby Roofing has an endless array of metal roofing options. We want to be the only Birmingham roofing company you ever need to call upon.
  • Ease of Installation: When a new roof is being installed on your home, you’ll need to make prior arrangements because you can’t exactly enjoy a peaceful day at home without a roof. You’ll be glad to know that metal roof installation is simple, so it won’t take days or weeks on end for our professionals to make the installation. Of course, we can’t lie: we appreciate the ease of installing a metal roof just as much as you!
  • Safety:  Metal roofing is extremely safe and can withstand many weather elements and conditions. Metal roofing also reduces the risk of fire, giving you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. With a metal roof, one less thing that you need to worry about is fire and the safety of your home and family.
  • Environmentally- Friendly:  Who knew that your roof could do good things for the environment? The roof that you choose plays a significant impact on its benefits to the situation, but the metal roof certainly has several. It is rewarding to know that you are doing your part to keep the world a great place to live.
  • Energy Efficient: Some roofs provide better energy efficiency than the next, and the metal roof is one that goes above and beyond to provide added warmth in the winter months and added coolness during the summer. In turn, reduced energy costs are enjoyed month after month when using a metal roof. Throughout a few years, these costs add up considerably.
  • Longevity:  Did you know that some metal roofs can last as long as 100 years? That is quite impressive, considering the average lifetime of a roof is just 20 – 25 years. When it is the longevity factor that you want, it is longevity the metal roof provides. This roofing type offers you unperilled value when compared to other roofs, ensuring that you get the most value for your dollar.
  • Durability:   One of the most important qualities that you want when choosing a roof is durability. After all, what good is a roof that is going to succumb every time a strong gust of wind blows? When the metal roof is selected for your home, you can always expect a roof that is durable and ready to handle any weather conditions, including storms and extreme winds, without any problems.  Durability is one of the strong points of the metal roof.
  • Added Home Value:  Metal roofing provides added value to your home in a multitude of ways. First, the longevity and versatility make metal roofs appealing to homebuyers, so if you plan to sell your Birmingham home shortly, you can surely get more cash for the house with the addition of the metal roof.

Metal roofing advantages are extensive, and those listed above are just the start of many that you will enjoy when the decision to install a metal roof is made. Yes, there are plenty of reasons why so many people depend upon metal roofing to keep their structures protected.

What About Disadvantages?

If we told you metal roofing was perfect, we’d be lying, so yes, there are a few disadvantages of metal roofing. We’ll talk a bit about those disadvantages here, but rest assured the downsides are minimal, and the advantages far exceed anything bad that could endure with the use of a metal roof.

The noise of a metal roof is still the biggest complaint that people have with this roofing material. Although there have been significant improvements in metal roofing over the years, there’s still more noise than found with other roofing materials in many cases. Most people don’t see the issue as significant enough to avoid the metal roofing purchase, however.

What’s the Cost of a Metal Roof?

The cost of a metal roof varies from one customer to the next, but we vow to always offer the lowest possible prices in Birmingham. Call us to request a free estimate from one of our trained roofing experts. There’s no obligation, and with the estimate, you’ll get a customized answer to the question of how much a metal roof costs.

Several factors influence the cost of the metal roof, including the type of metal selected, the size of the roof, the additions were chosen, the time of year of installation, and other factors. You can rest assured the costs of a metal roof pay for themselves in no time. Of course, speaking with one of our roofing specialists concerning the various types of metal roofing, along with the request of your free estimate, are the two best ways that you can get the roof of your desire at the best price possible.

Additional Metal Roofing Services

We’ll sell you a new metal roof of your choice, and install it on your home or business, too. But, we don’t stop there with our services, and we also offer a variety of additional metal roofing services since we want to be your one-stop roof shop. We’ll handle all of your metal roofing needs, small and large, whether it is a repair, inspection, maintenance, or something else. Some of the services that we offer for metal roofing customers include:

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs, like any other roofing material, can sustain damages caused by an array of problems, including age, weather, and improper care. When a metal roof needs repairs, give us a call, and we’ll let you know how little it costs to repair. We offer repair of all types after determining the exact problem with your roof. We handle leaks, which is the most common type of problem experienced with a metal roof, and many others, too. We manage all metal roofing repair jobs with the same care and concern, ensuring that you get a job well done. Don’t prolong the repair of a damaged metal roofing when our Birmingham roofing company is one phone call away. The longer you extend the repairs, the more damages that you will sustain and the added costs to repair.

When your metal roof is damaged, we’ll reverse those problems and get your roof back to like new condition quickly. Leaking roofs are a common repair we make for many home and business owners, but just one of many that we can handle with expertise.


When you take care of your roof with regular checks, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting roof that never disappoints. Our roofing experts provide thorough metal roofing inspections, looking for missing or damaged shingles, missing flashing, holes, and other signs of trouble. We’ll alert you to these problems immediately so you can make the repairs and forget about the roof! It is recommended that an inspection occur no less than once per year, but twice if possible.

Shelby Roofing does it all, so give us a call to request your free estimate when there’s a metal roofing need of any sort. We want to be the name that you love and trust!

Is Metal Roofing Right for Your Needs?

Some people love metal roofs. Some people hate them. But, you should certainly keep your options open and consider this roofing material if you want a roof that offers durability and longevity, versatility, and choice, along with great pricing.  It is easy to say that more Birmingham residents love the metal roof than otherwise.

Get in touch with our metal roofing specialists today, and let’s talk roofing. We’d love to help you learn more about this particular type of roofing, its benefits, its styles, and more. When we’re done, you’ll know without question if a metal roof is right for your needs. We’ll even provide you with a free estimate if you’d like. Most people are certain metal roofing is right for their needs when they learn how little it costs to buy. It is one of the more affordable roofing options out there in many cases. Shelby Roofing is your trusted Birmingham metal roof sales professional and installation company. Get in touch with our professionals today!