Rebuilding a Flooded Home

The author in this article has outlined the process of rebuilding flooded homes.  He acknowledges the fact that rebuilding a home is an extremely labor and time-intensive process.

  • What to do with a flooded homeClean up. You are considered to be the first phase of rebuilding a flooded home. Even before you start fixing, you will need to clean everything first. When you enter a house that has been flooded, make sure to check if electricity has been turned off and gas line into your home has been closed.  After this, do a thorough inspection – check the foundation, walls, and roof for signs of collapse, bloating, or cracks.
  • Insurance Claim.  After cleaning up, call your home insurance company to file a claim. Be ready for reinforcement in case things get ugly.
  • Flood clean up. Wear an appropriate outfit when doing a flood clean up since floodwater contains sewage, fertilizers, and sediments, which may be harmful to you and even your family.
  • Strip down and dry out all that has been covered in water.  Most of the time, major clean up will be warranted on the Basement and first floor of your house. Once you are done cleaning it, you need to dry these all out thoroughly.  When doing the cleanup, check all the appliances that are usually situated in these low areas and make sure to dry it out before even using it.
  • Hire a licensed contractor to do the job for you.