Regular Roof Cleaning and Why Is It Necessary

This article talks about regular roof cleaning and its importance.  Just like what it states in the article, roof cleaning doesn’t have to be done monthly or quarterly, once a year of cleaning and maintenance is enough to ensure you maintain the value of your home and roof.

Removing Debris

Some of the debris that you may find in your roof include small branches, leaves, etc.,  When cleaning the leaves, you can go to your roof and clean it yourself, make sure you are wearing skid-proof shoes when doing this.  You can either sweep of these leaves with a broom or use a leaf blower if you have an extension cord long enough to reach your roof.  Either way, you choose, the outcome will still be a clean, leaf-free roof.

When removing branches, you will need a sturdy ladder which you will use when reaching for these branches and lifting them.

Removing Algae and Moss

roof cleaningAs mentioned in this article, some homeowners would rather have a professional clean their roof from algae and moss instead of including this with one of their D.I.Y. roof projects, and one of the main reasons why is that professionals have the best cleaning supplies for these problems.  Now unlike removing debris that you can do once or twice a year, removing algae and moss would require an increased frequency when it comes to being done 2-4 times.  Aside from using chemical solutions, if you will opt to do this by yourself, you can use citrus juice mix to make up your cleaning formula.

Whether you will do the regular cleaning and maintenance of your roof or have a professional do this, what’s important is that this is done correctly, to preserve the quality of both your home and roof.