Roof Basics – Importance of Right Roofing

In building your home, one of the essentials is your roof.  Roof basics, understanding the importance of right roofing means a lot, and this is what has discussed with this article.

Roofing Sheathing & Trusses

Roof trusses are the big triangles that make the peak of your roof.  They are the support structure of your roof.  Once trusses are installed and up, roofers then place the roof sheathing.  It is the treated plywood where roofing shingles will be attached to.

Building Paper

This is a very thin sheet of black paper that is a reflective layer for water.  If laid correctly, water will not be able to penetrate its surface.

roof basicsRoofing Shingles

Roofing shingles can be made up of different materials such as wood, metal, tiles, etc.,  If you are to use wood, metal and asphalt roof shingles, the installation will be overlapping laid from the lowest point up.  This is the method being used to ensure that water to flow over the top of each shingle.  These things are the basics about roofing, but if you are still not much aware of what to look for, you can always seek a professionals help.

Roofing Problems

If you are a prospective buyer, the first thing to know is when the roof was last replaced, and next will be to correlate this with the weather in that current place or state.  Knowing this will make you more aware of what you are getting into and what possible issues you might encounter.

Roof Leaks

If you are experiencing roof leaks, then something might have happened to your roof.  A branch may have fallen on your roof and punctured a hole, and hail has dented certain spots, etc.  If this is the case, you need to have a professional check your roof to ensure that correct diagnosis and fix will be done.