Roof Vents – Protects Your Roof and Home

Contrary to what many believe, roof vents are critical to prolonging your roof life.  Many people think that their roofers are just trying to get them to spend more than what is required and this article by lets you understand the importance of having roof ventilation.

The Modern Home and Roof Ventilation

roof ventsMost of you may be under the impression that old homes have little ventilation but they didn’t need any roof vents.  All in all, these old houses have inferior weather-stripping window insulation thus not as airtight as new homes.  This is the main reason why old homes didn’t see the need for roof vents as compared to modern ones.

Roof Ridge Ventilation

If you have a pointed or slanting ceiling, roof ridge ventilation is the best option for you and your home.  There are many types of vents and generally speaking, this can be used along-side each other.  As of today, studies can only validate that having a roof vent is better than having none in your modern home but not yet that specific to say which type of roof ventilation is best for each roof.

Hip Roof Vents and Ventilation

As mentioned in this article, hip roofs tend to be more difficult to ventilate compared to other roof designs but studies have shown that both soffit vents and power attic fan does the work in properly ventilating this roof type.  To be sure (as always) ask several roofers and contractors for help.  Get their suggestions and inputs on which roof vent to use for your specific roof type to ensure you choose the right one.