22 February 2020 / Residential Roofing , Roofing Tips

Roofing Tips: Gutters and Downspouts

Both gutters and downspouts are essential when it comes to roofing tips and making sure that water is running off the roof and away from the house’s foundation. Therefore, both must be given equal importance when it comes to your home.  This article helps you with providing tips and things you need to know regarding your gutters and downspouts.

Types of Gutters

Seamless Aluminum – Requires no painting compared to galvanized gutters, and these do not crack or bend; thus, making it a more popular choice for gutters.

Galvanized Tin – Drawback present in this type of gutter is the periodic painting to prevent rust from penetrating through the material.

Vinyl – Most commonly used for D.I.Y. projects as it is easy to install but does not have the look of permanency.

Wood – With regular maintenance, this can last longer and look beautiful due to its custom designs.

Copper – Same as wood gutters, these look beautiful due to its custom design and durable too.

Gutter Maintenance

roofing tipsAny roofing tips must include items including gutter maintenance.  Same as other materials, gutters need to be maintained regularly to ensure that everything is working well and if there is a need to replace, that this can be instantaneous.

Clean the gutters from dried leaves and any debris.

Ensure that downspouts are also clear and, if not, use a hose or a plumbing snake.

During the rainy season, you need to check if there are any leaks at the gutter joints.

If possible, install leaf guards as an added feature to prevent dried leaves from entering your gutter and eventually causing water leaks.

For more roofing tips, contact your roofing professionals in your area.