Commercial Roofing

Without a roof, sustaining a business would be quite difficult. The roof is a structure that tops your business, protecting you, employees, and the things inside the business from various weather elements, dirt, debris, and other problems. Although the roof is oftentimes one of those unforgotten parts of a business, it should never be this way. Your business roof is an integral part of your business. It adds character and style to your location while keeping everyone, and your important pieces of equipment, protected.

Commercial RoofingYour roof demands attention and TLC just like any other area of the business. Although a roof will last for many years when properly maintained, there are many problems that may be experienced along the way. There will be a time when a new roof is needed, and when you need the comfort of a professional roof evaluation. For each of those occasions and many others, our professionals are there to cover your needs.

Shelby Roofing is a trusted roofing company in Birmingham specializing in all faucets of commercial roof services. We offer inspections, installation, new roof sales, roof repairs, and much more, at some of the best prices in town. We offer re-roofing jobs, install roam insulation and PVC and EPDM roofs, and have a versatile selection of products to accommodate the needs of businesses small and large. No matter the type of business you operate, the shape of the building or the roof, or your needs, we are one call away, reading to service your needs and make you yet another satisfied customer.

Although many Birmingham roofing companies exist, they’re not all created the same, and learning this information the hard way is the last way that you want to learn. Some roofing companies in Birmingham are interested only in earning another dollar, and couldn’t care less if the customer is happy. Shelby Roofing is a company that always focuses our attention on the customer, their needs, and providing them a job that provides them assurance and comfort for a change. It seems that the old-fashioned values that businesses once offered is gone nowadays, but Shelby Roofing brings that back, putting you more than anything else when we’re working on your commercial roofing job.

No matter what roofing service you need, we’ll always put our expertise to work, delivering an innovative job that will provide many years of use for your business. We use only high-quality materials for your roofing job, and take the time to deliver the time, dedication, and devotion that you roofing job deserves. We value and respect you, and strive to exceed expectations in every job that we perform.

Our Services

Choose Shelby Roofing, and we’ll be the only roofing company that you need. We provide customized work for every job, and we listen to and understand your needs before any work begins. We understand that you want the roofing job done the right way, but that you want it completed as quickly as possible. We work efficiently to ensure the job is done the right way as quickly as possible. You are our concern, and our top priority.

We take pride in our quality work and exceptional skills (which we back with our awesome guarantees,) but we’re also proud of our prices. We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, and while we are in business to make money, we also believe in giving you the best possible deal that we can. When you entrust us to handle your roofing needs, you can always count on a low-cost roofing job that is highly competitive with other companies in the area. We want to be the all-around amazing company that never disappoints you. Check our prices with the competition, and you’ll discover firsthand there isn’t a better Birmingham roofing company to handle your needs. The way to your heart is great service and prices, and we deliver the whole package!

When any of the services below are needed to secure a phenomenal roof on your business, give us a call and we’ll take care of your needs! We’ll provide you with a free estimate after sending one of our trained roofing experts to evaluate the service.  There’s no obligation to request your estimate, but it is beneficial in so many ways!

Roofing Inspections

You can provide minimal roof inspection from the ground, locating any big problems. But, that leaves much left that you cannot see, potentially causing damage and devastation to your business. Inspecting the roof, yourself is possible, but it isn’t feasible. Not only is it dangerous, you likely have neither the tools nor the time to complete the task. Besides, do you know what you’re looking for once you make it to the roof? The professionals at Shelby Roofing have all the right equipment to safely inspect the roof, and our trained eye ensures that no issues goes unnoticed. It is far less of a hassle to hire our professionals for an inspection because we have the time and the knowledge to get the job done. With our roofing inspections performed at least once per year, you can sustain the life of your roof and prevent major problems and headaches along the way.

When you hire Shelby Roofing for a roofing inspection, we’ll send a professional to your business to thoroughly inspect the roof, looking for any signs of trouble and alerting you to the findings. Our service provides serenity and comfort to business owners, because it is much easier to know what’s going on than to be blindly struck with major issues.  We want your roof to be as good as new once again, and inspect your roof with this thought in mind. We know the danger and warning signs to look for, how to spot leaks, and more, ensuring that your roof is up-to-par, or that you are able to make the necessary transitions to get it in such a manner.

When you call Shelby Roofing for a roofing inspection, your minimal investment provides major benefits for a long time to come. We price our roofing inspections at a low rate that is easy for any business owner to afford. And, of course, we’ll give you an estimate if you call and ask.

Roofing Inspection benefits include:

  • Surface evaluation assessing the surface condition to the roof, looking for missing, damaged, and broken shingles and tiles and other on-site problems.
  • Sub-surface structural integrity inspection goes beyond the surface of the tiles and shingles, searching for problems that can cause massive trouble if they’re not correctly and quickly repaired.
  • Assessment of the insulation on the roof, the moisture levels, and the ventilation. Condensation and moisture can cause a considerable amount of damage if it isn’t repaired quickly. We’ll ensure this isn’t a concern at your company.
  • Advice & Information is something you should never pay for. Give us a call to schedule your inspection, and well provide you with expert advice and information that allows you to prolong the life expectancy of your roof.
  • You will know any problems that your roof is enduring so you can repair them before they become a major problem
  • Prevent excessive repairs and costs in repairs to the roof

Although you might think you can save money handling your own roofing inspection, there’s simply far too many reasons why this is usually not a good idea. First, it is time consuming, and when you have a business to operate, there’s more important things to concern yourself with. There is also the issue of your safety, because being atop a roof, and stably walking around, isn’t always easy. We have the roofing equipment and supplies needed to inspect the roof safely and efficiently. We also have state-required license and insurance for further protection.

Roofing Repairs

A roof is a durable product made to protect your business, but that isn’t to say that many problems cannot occur over the lifetime of the roof. You can easily get many of the problems that you will encountered repaired so your roof is like new once again, and our experts are standing by to make this happen. We will take care of all your roofing repair needs, small or large, enhancing the life expectancy of the roof, and minimizing the problems that you will experience at your business along the way.

Leaks are the most common problem business owners experience with their roofs. We handle roof leaks regularly, and can repair your leak quickly. It is imperative that you speak to a roofing professional quickly concerning the leak because it is not going away. Instead, it will only continue to cause damage and destruction. Although many leaks are easy to detect, this isn’t always the case because sometimes there isn’t any water leaking into the home. Yellow circles and spots on the ceiling, walls that are caving in, and uneven doors are signs of a leak in the roof. Don’t prolong leak repair because it can be damaging to your business and bank account.

Prolonging repair of a leak is doing nothing more than extending the problems, and making them costlier to repair when the decision to call Shelby Roofing is finally made. Procrastination is never good, especially when your businesses roof is at stake.

Roof leaks are the problem most homeowners face, and something that we repair more often than other roofing issues. Leaking roofs pose big dangers for both the interior and exterior of your home. Although you might think a leak is always easy to spot, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes, a leaking roof occurs for weeks or months before a homeowner discovers its presence. This causes added damage and headache, and is just one more reason it is so important that you use our roofing inspection services for early leak detection.

Causes of leaking roofs include:

  • Cracked Flashing: Cracked flashing is a flat piece of metal that I placed under the shingles on the roof. When they crack due to weather, age, or corrosion, the water-resistant barrier they’re meant to provide is broken, and water is allowed to enter the ceiling, potentially into your home.
  • Broken Shingles: If your roof has patches, it’s likely that you have broken shingles that may allow water to seep into your home. Weather, rain, and high winds all cause shingles to break.
  • Clogged Gutters: The gutters or awning protect the foundation of your business, but the roof as well. If the gutters are clogged, there’s also an increased risk of leaks to the roof. Leaves, dirt, debris, etc. all clog the gutter, causing moisture on the roof, and potential leaks.
  • Cracked Chimney: Is your chimney cracked? If so it is time to call the repair man for a fix to avoid future roofing headaches. It is usually simple to detect a crack in the chimney, but this isn’t always the case. Look for wear and tear along the mud cap and holes in the jointed areas to spot cracks. And, of course, we’re one phone call away when you want the professionals to handle the job.
  • Attic Condensation: If you see mold growth on the roof, it is likely the result of a problem with the condensation in the attic of your home. Musty smells and odors coming from the attic is another sign.
  • Roof Age: Sadly, a roof has only so many years that it can be of use to you before it simply wears out and leaks succumb the product. The typical life expectancy of a roof is 20 – 25 years, but some have been found to last a considerable amount of time longer with proper maintenance.
  • Weather: Mother Nature has a way of roaring loudly when she chooses, and this sometimes leads to damage occurring to businesses, homes, and other structures in Birmingham. We handle weather-related roofing damages with the same careful consideration as the net job.


Obviously, water dripping from the ceiling is the most obvious sign the roof is leaking this isn’t something employees at your company want to deal with, nor should they have to. Additionally, those small droplets of water can easily and quickly ruin wood, carpet, electronics, and more, costing thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair especially if the problem extends.

Sometimes you know there’s a leak, but finding it location isn’t easy. For such an occasion, our professional go to work to detect the exact location of the leak and immediately repair the problem so it doesn’t cause you any more frustrations.

Don’t put roofing repairs off. Doing so only delays the inevitable, because you’ll definitely still need the repairs later down the line. When you put the repairs off longer than necessary, you also risk causing additional damage, and additional money to make the repairs.

New Roof Sales

The average roof life expectancy is 20 -25 years, but some roofs last less time, and some longer. It’s all in the way that you maintain the roof. Either way, we’re here with new roof sales when it is time to replace the roof on your commercial business. Our experts understand that you’re busy, and that this is a topic that you probably aren’t very familiar with. We’ll help you learn the important information about roof, including the types, the materials, the benefits, and more. We’ll provide the answers to all your questions, and we’ll ensure that you select the perfect roof for your business. It is all in a day’s work!

New Roof Installation

Waiting too long to install a new roof can be more expensive than you imagine. It is always in your best interest to purchase and install a new roof at the first signs the damage is beyond repair. When you leave repairs there to continue their destruction, your business certainly pays the price. Our experts are on the job as soon as you call, ensuring less damage and more happy days. We stand behind our roof installation work with a guarantee, giving you greater peace of mind in what we do.


We’ll ensure that your roof is well taken care of because when you take care of the roof, it takes care of you, providing the maximum life expectancy and superior use of you roof without the need for continual repairs.



No two roofing companies are created equally. If you want a roofing company that understands that you have specific needs far different from others, let Shelby Roofing show you why we’ve become one of Birmingham’s most trusted names.

We are cut from a different cloth than many area contractors. We have years of experience, and love what we do. We are up for any roofing challenges you may present, providing you with expertise that resolves the problem immediately. We’re experts, and when there’s an expert on the job, you can leave your worries at the door.

When you entrust us with your roofing needs, we’ll never let you down. Our goal is providing each customer that we serve with a high-quality roofing job that provides years of lasting use, at a cost-effective price.  Whether you own a high-rise apartment community, a local coffee shop, or operate a government agency, we’d love to be the name that you trust to provide top-quality roofing repairs, installation, and service.

When you trust Shelby Roofing for your commercial roofing needs, you’ll get:

  • Dependable Service: We understand that you have a life to maintain. We arrive for the job on-time, ready to work. While we work as quickly as possible, cutting corners is never a risk we’d take simply to get a job done. We provide thorough, efficient work, and guarantee all of our services.
  • Great Pricing: You work hard for your money, and we understand that you want to keep as much of it in your bank account as possible. We strive to maintain great pricing for all commercial roofing jobs. Check our rates with other Birmingham commercial roofers, and discover our superior rates firsthand.
  • Free Estimates: Comparing our roofing service pries with other Birmingham roofers is easy with our free estimates, available upon request.
  • Experienced Roofers: An experienced roofer is one who has been at it for years. He knows what it takes to get a job done well, and strives for excellence in each project he completed. Additionally, experienced roofers have handled an array of roofing problems with various businesses, and can ensure that your problem is cared for quickly.

If you are ready to find a roofing contractor that cares about your needs rather than simply collecting your check, give one of our professional roofing contractors a call to request your free estimate.  We handle many different roofing needs for all types of businesses, small and large. There’s no obligation to request and receive your estimate, so if you decide our services simply don’t match your needs, you can continue forth with your search. We’re certain you’ll love our work just as much as the many others before you.

A Broad Line of Roofing Expertise

Our expertise ranges from simple metal roofs to more extensive shake shingles. We not only provide a durable roof; our architectural design is superb. You want your commercial property to look amazing inside and out, and that starts with a roof. We’ll make sure that you have the prefect roof that matches your needs. Your new roof will not only add appeal to your industry, but superior protection and durability as well. No matter your industry or budget, we have the perfect roof to meet your needs.


Call one of our roofing contractors without delay and request your free estimate. We’d be happy to come talk to you personally concerning your roofing needs and work with you to meet your needs. There’s no obligation, and no hard feelings if we’re not the match you were hoping for, though that is a rare occasion. We’ve served the roofing needs of many businesses, and would love to add your name to our list of satisfied customers.