Spring Home Maintenance Check List

As mentioned by the author, winter weather can damage a house in several ways. There may be nesting animals in your vent that you need to remove, dried leaves that have accumulated in the gutter, etc., which then may cause different household problems once the weather becomes warm.

The author now provides a list of the home maintenance tasks that can be performed.

  • Give your roof a spring checkup

    home maintenanceCall in your roofer to assist with the checking of your roof. As an example, your gutters need to be cleaned. Also, look out for possible animals who have nested in your pipes during the winter.

  • Check your outdoor concrete for cracks

    Check for large horizontal cracks that are wider at the bottom than the top as it is a sign that your foundation might need to be repaired. Aside from cracks, you should also check cracks in your driveway and sidewalks, check your concrete stairs and walkways for signs of rotting.

  • Tune up your HVAC system

    Climate Makers, suggests a 40-point spring HVAC tune up and check up. Aside from this, it is also advisable to check your HVAC vents to ensure that is animal-proof.

  • Inspect and repair your deck

    Visit the actual article to get the link on how to clean a deck (full instructions).

  • Assorted OTHER spring maintenance projects

    Some other tasks that make more sense to do in Spring are the following: clean and repair outdoor furniture, dusting your screened-in porch, inspect exterior paint, tune up the lawnmower, mow the lawn and spring cleaning – of course!