29 September 2019 / Metal Roofing

Steel or Metal Roof the Right Choice

Asphalt shingles compared to Steel or Metal roof costs less as metal roofing should be 2 or 3x more its cost.  Now, why do some people still choose metal or other roofing materials instead of asphalt – the answer is longevity.  While asphalt shingles cost less, in the long run, it will cost thousands of dollars to replace as compared to other roofing materials.

metal roofAs mentioned in the article, if you compare an excellent asphalt roofing to a high-quality metal roof, it will still cost less, and the longevity is still questionable as asphalt shingles more often than not only lasts 8–10 years.  While metal roofing requires more, most of the time it comes with a 50-year non-pro-rated transferrable warranty.  During this warranty period, you have already replaced your asphalt shingles for roughly 5—6 times.

This article also showed basic computations on savings that you will get in the long run should you use metal roofing as opposed to asphalt roofing.

Moreover, although metal roofing costs more, top metal roofing companies offer financing and deferred payments when you avail of their materials and services, wherein asphalt roofing companies do not currently offer.

Below are some fundamental reasons why any person will choose metal roofing over asphalt roofing:

  • Due to its longevity, it may be the last roofing decision you will ever make.
  • Significant savings from the present owners up to the future owners of the house
  • Low energy bills.
  • Insurance will lower
  • Curb appeal will greatly improve
  • Never worry of ice and water damage

There are a lot more benefits to choosing a metal roof over asphalt roofing, and if you have more questions or clarifications, you can always consult a roofing professional.