26 March 2020 / Residential Roofing

Tiny Home Repair

Since the last decade and a half, a tiny home movement is going strong.  Curiosity and appeal of the small home have been bought by individuals who feel convenience and freedom from physical and emotional clutter with the limited space the tiny house provides.  Networx.com’s Laura Firszt answers some questions and provides the necessary information […]


Rebuilding a Flooded Home

The author in this article has outlined the process of rebuilding flooded homes.  He acknowledges the fact that rebuilding a home is an extremely labor and time-intensive process. Clean up. You are considered to be the first phase of rebuilding a flooded home. Even before you start fixing, you will need to clean everything first. When […]


A Quick Guide to Roof Turbines

Home Adviser wrote this article to give you a quick guide to roof turbines and discuss information that you may not yet be aware of.  First is that roof turbine is one of the best ways to keep moisture out as roof turbines are a vent that removes humid air from your attic which then […]

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3 January 2019 / Residential Roofing

8 Home Improvement Projects to Cut Costs

This article aims to suggest some home improvement projects that you can do to increase the value of your property and at the same time improve your household costs by either cutting home service costs or decrease utility bills. 1. Rethink Landscaping – If you already have a lawn, most probably you are one of […]