10 Roofing Styles: Which is the Best for You

Since roofs generally protect human beings against all types of weather, aside from adding architectural interest to buildings it covers, there are factors to consider when choosing which roof is best depending on your actual need.  This article talks about the different roof types and their function. Flat – A flat roof is the easiest kind […]

23 September 2019 / Residential Roofing , Roofing Tips

Common Roofing Problem

This article by Jaclyn Crawford helps homeowners be aware of the common roofing problem.  Awareness and early detection is the key to making sure that your roofs are always well-maintained as roofing problems pose a colossal headache when left unattended. Roofing Repair Costs The first thing is to identify the problem and consult your roofer […]

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29 April 2019 / Commercial Roofing

Rubber Roofing – Benefits and Alternatives

As mentioned in this article, rubber roofing is a product created by the roofing industry as an alternative to the infamous asphalt shingles.  Asphalt shingles require help from gravity to form a seal against leaks, but with flatter roofs, this has been a problem, which is why rubber roofing was developed. Benefits of Rubber Roofs […]