Tile Roofing

In the Southwest, tile roofing is part of the landscape as it gives that distinct look to the property.  Although this may seem expensive compared to other types of roofing, the longevity of the material (roughly 60-70 years) is worth it for the higher amount.

Characteristics of Tile Roofing

Tile roofing using the traditional clay are very heavy and require reinforcement compared to others.  Nowadays, there are lightweight versions which are being used by other structures.  They look and feel of that old Spanish and Mediterranean style are still present.

Benefits of Tile Roofs

  • tile roofingObvious aesthetic appeal
  • Incredibly long life expectancy of tile roofs
  • Perform better under harsh conditions
  • Resist damage caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather extremes
  • Fireproof
  • Great insulator
  • Accessories are widely assorted
  • Adds both beauty and resale value to the property

Drawbacks of Tile Roofs

Although there are a lot of benefits with having tile roofs, we cannot discount the fact that there are also downsides to it.  First and the most obvious is the installation cost.  Tile roofing is much more expensive when it comes to installation because you need to take extra care when doing this.  Remember that the material is brittle and heavy at the same time. Therefore, professionals working on your tile roofing are exerting extra effort to finish this seamlessly.