26 March 2020 / Residential Roofing

Tiny Home Repair

Since the last decade and a half, a tiny home movement is going strong.  Curiosity and appeal of the small home have been bought by individuals who feel convenience and freedom from physical and emotional clutter with the limited space the tiny house provides.  Networx.com’s Laura Firszt answers some questions and provides the necessary information about small homes below.

What is a Small or Tiny House?

To be exact, a SMALL house is a house less than 500 square feet – now a TINY house is even more compact and measures less than 200 square feet in area.  The TINY house is often constructed within a lot of an existing home and is more of a DIY project of the owner.

Be Prepared

tiny homeJust like when people build any other house, you may be required to present the following:

  • Building Permit
  • Zoning Permission
  • Meet Standards of the local construction code.

If your TINY house will be built in a separate lot (much like any ordinary house), you would need to have homeowner’s insurance.

Before buying or building your own tiny house, make sure to prepare all of these first, and research on how the other small homeowners have experienced this.

Repairing a Tiny Home

If you created your TINY house, you shouldn’t have issues with the repairs.  If this was built by someone else, then you need to look for a nearby repair person to the job for you – which then will be dependent on where the nearest person is located.

While repair is ongoing, you also need to consider where you will be staying until the deed is done.