30 June 2017 / Residential Roofing

Top 10 Roof Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Roof Maintenance TipsWith the fall slowly creeping in, Laura Firszt of networx.com has summed up to-dos for the upcoming Fall Roofing Maintenance.

1. Take Care of your Furnace.

Aside from changing your air filters every 1-3 months, you should also consider having a professional check your furnace regularly.  As your furnace is wintertime must, your professional should check for switches, burns and safety controls.

2. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector.

If you have a generator or a fuel-burning appliance like a furnace, range or water heater, having a carbon monoxide detector is a MUST.

3. Maintain your Ducts.

To ensure efficiency and healthy heating this winter, you must ensure that your ducts are well-maintained.  Not only would this benefit you during the winter but it goes the same way during summertime as it prevents unnecessary loss of your A/C’s cool air.

4. Check Doors and Windows.

Check for cracks when revisiting your doors and windows as these are places where you could lose that important heat.

5. Adjust your ceiling fans.

During the cold weather, adjust your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise.  This will help in better circulating the heat produced by your HVAC and you will feel warmer for just a minimal cost.

6. Clean your Fireplace and Chimney.

Using a flashlight, clear out the fireplace and chimney from dried leaves, nesting animals and the like.

7. Shield Your Outdoor A/C unit.

Use a special A/C cover to ensure your AC units are well protected.

8. Inspect your Roof.

Same idea with the broken doors and windows, if there is daylight passing through the windows and roofs; this should be attended too immediately to avoid further charges.

9. Clear your gutters.

If your gutters are clogged, tendency is it will overflow and cause potential problems such as leaks.

10. Care for your yard.

Remove fallen leaves in your lawn and promote revitalization of cool season grasses.